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We are uniquely focused on investing in and strategically building one consumer business at a time.

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Uniquely Focused 

We will invest our capital and resources in only one company at a time, not in a diversified collection of companies.  This investment focus allows us to concentrate 100% of our resources and relationships, thereby increasing the likelihood of outsized success and returns.  It also better aligns our interests with our management partners.

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Long-term Oriented

We have long-term capital and a patient perspective on strategically building businesses, which give us the flexibility to stay focused on driving growth and value over a greater-than-typical private equity hold period.

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Personally Committed

We have committed significant personal capital and will be devoting our time exclusively to supporting our management team partners' efforts to build value in one business.  We employ a low fee model as compared to traditional private equity, meaning our success will be based on performance.

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Our Criteria 

  • Food & beverage, household products, pet, health & wellness, OTC/personal care, consumer services or marketing services

  • Potential for organic growth and add-on acquisitions

  • Sales of $50+ million

  • Total enterprise value of $100 million to in excess of $1 billion

  • US/North America

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